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Our Methods of SEO and Website Promotion:

Our service consists of several types of activities following SEO Code of Ethic:

  1. Analyzing contents of your web page.
  2. Finding best keywords which describes your activities.
  3. Web page (pages) optimization, correction of contents in order to get high rankings on targeted keywords. These are not necessary design but contents changes of web pages, as well as image optimization.
    Thinking exchanging, talking, off-line research, in order to discover best solution.
  4. Submission to more then 360 search engines and 450 web directories.
  5. Reporting on activities you personal should perform to get high rankings
  6. Periodically report on done activities, (every 2 week, every month).
  7. Monitor ranking on specified search engines, doing interventions in order to get the best.
  8. One year positions observance. Traffic monitoring, reporting of job done, removing factors that keep getting non quality visitors.
  9. Quality websites reciprocal linking.
  10. A whole year page updating with new contents (supplied buy the owner, suggested buy ourselves).
  11. Total service - SEO and the rest for whole year.
  12. Monthly service - monthly paying.
  13. Number of keywords is also very important, concerning our experience price is calculated having standard need for targeting 7-10 keywords, keyphrases per Website. If more then 10 keyphrases needed price would vary.
  14. During the maintenance period of your site (and 6 months after), we supply clients and ex-clients with all consulting needed by mail or phone, with no extra charges.

We don't guarantee top 10 rankings within 2 to 4 months (or earlier). We guarantee continious increasing of traffic - thematic traffic and thematic visitors. The time length is due to the time it takes for a search engine to list your web site. However, the results are much faster. You could see an increase in traffic within one to two week period. If we fail to meet our guarantee, we will re-optimize and resubmit your site again. We don't refund money invested, because after interventions nothing would be the same. Instead of money back guarantee, we offer paying options that can be suitable to you.

We will do free analysis of your index web page for single keyword (phrase), making suggestions how to change source code with purpose to get high ranking on Google.
We will do Link popularity check and advise.

Prices are not strictly determined and depend of the level of the Website optimization process done before our interventions:
  • Total SEO service with annual price is estimated 90-990 EUR. Price vary from case to case, depending of Website's optimization level. We can offer to a client partial paying before every JOB phase.
    • Phase 1 consists of full SEO for your site for specified keywords and phrases, submitting to over 350 Search engines and web directories. (Lasts: 1-2 months, until specified pages appear in a search results for a specific keywords and phrases)
    • Phase 2 consists of Positioning different web pages for desired search terms into TOP 10 results on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and specified Search engines.(Last: 2-3 months, different Ethical SEO methods for getting high SE ranking)
    • Phase 3 is maintenance of web site in a next period until the end of 12th month, from the start.
  • Monthly SEO service : 50-100EUR, with initial service done. We are hired on monthly basis, so you tell us what you want, and then we do the job.
  • One time analysis and reports -costs 10 EUR per report. Reports consists of detail instructions what you should do with specified web page to get TOP10 position for desired keyword-phrase on desired Search engine. There is no automated process of making such changes so, you should do it yourself. There are also various reports based on keyword analysis, Search engine rankings, SE submitted, etc...
  • Contact page is here...


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