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Relikon DOO-Novi Sad

location: Serbia and Montenegro.
established: 2003, in SEO bussiness since year 2000
city: Novi Sad
adress: Dragoslava Stojanovica 19
phone/fax:+381 21 631 71 71
mobil:+381 64 230 6834
websites: ,
stuff: All goodwill people with various knowledge and a different proffessionall experience.
We hire artists, photographers, software developers, historicians, programmers, pschylogists, lawyers, with a creative level of thinking, no matter of where they live, their age, their job. When we have solutions to make, we talk and exchange ideas. Everyone is the best in something, we collect their best ideas, finding for you BEST SOLUTIONS, for common success.
Our clients are satisfied. We are ready to listen, learn, give support and solve problems.

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