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An example will be good illustration for showing effect of this story.
One of the Search engines during 30 day period, had about 20 searches for keyword term "polovni automobili". (English example will be inserted soon). If you multiply this with 300 most important Search engines, you get 6000 people, who asked for this kind of information during this period. Same search engine has over 30.000 searches requested for term "automobili". If you ask 300 search engines for this word, you could get average number of 9 millions people who were interested in "automobili". Numbers become tremendous if you add searches for "automobili uvoz", "korisceni automobili", "automobili delovi", "novi automobili", "sajam automobila", etc...
These are words in serbian language, just as an example. We don't need to mention English words for this terms and phrases: "cars", "used cars", "imported cars", "ford cars", "fair car", etc...

Let 0,01 % from 9 millions web surfers, came to your website, what means 900 people, not just visitors, but interested visitors. These kind of visitors, are asking for your products or services. Question is whether you'll sell them or not, but during one month, you just LET GO at least 10%, what means 90 contacts, potential customers. If you sell "used cars" this is number to respect.

All over the world, there is more then few thousand search engines..
Google traffic is 65% of all search engine traffic..
We can submit you to more then 500 most important search engines, do positioning to get high ranking, monitor and keep you at TOP 10.

Search engine optimization is slow and precise work that lasts 2-3 months. After this period, your positions would be stable for some time.
Search engines change criteria for ranking. We monitor these algorithms, and make some interventions to keep you on top.
Take a look to Description of our Website promotion service...

We can offer you completely free analysis for ONE KEYWORD within your index Web page.
We can offer you completely free analysis of link popularity for 10 search engines, in comparison to similar sites.

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